Commemorating The 400 Years Of Spanish-Japanese Performing Arts :

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Japanese Performing Arts

Best Spanish theatre venues that you need to visit!

Spain and Japan are known for their art forms, performances, theatres, culture, plays, dance, drama, traditions, and what not! While it has been about 400 years to Spanish-Japanese performing arts, we present you with the best Spanish theatre venues that have witnessed the best performing arts!


Almost resembling the Globe theater in London, Corral de Comedias is located near Ciudad Real. The theatre dates back to 1629, and that was the period when the first performance took place in the theater. The theatre attracts all the people who admire arts and theatre through its annual festival, ‘The Almagro Festival.”

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● TEATRO ROMANO DE MERIDA- The oldest yet impressive!

Though it has been 2,000 years since the theatre was built, this open-air theater of Merida has not lost its charm and stunning view. Crash into this place during summer where the Roman stage of the theatre flaunts itself with ballet, film, ballet, opera, theatre, and music; this refers to the annual International Festival of Classical theater!

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● Barcelona’s THE GREC THEATER:

One thing that astonishes the visitors about the Grec theater is that it was a quarry for several years before it turned into a theater! Being established in 1929, the theater has been hosting the Grec Festival of Theater annually in July since 1976. You can also see the music performances during evenings in the theater’s gardens and also comedy events, occasionally!

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Situated in the fantastic Realejo barrio of Granada, Alhambra is a tiny theater that hosts national, international, Andaluz, and Shakespeare performances. The theater is settled at the opposite of a hill; hence, it will be a pleasant experience to visit the theater once!

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Though Teatro Espanol is not an open-space one, it tries its best to recreate the comedic and traditional feel of open-air theaters of Spain. The prices range from 15 to 25 euros, and thus it is affordable and worthy enough to visit at least once. With the acoustics and interiors being exotic, grand, and impressive, the theater has not lost its beauty since the 16th century!

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Planned and designed by the architects Octavio de Toledo and Joaquin Rucoba in the 19th century, the Arriaga theater is named after a musician born in Bilbao, namely Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga, to render honor and respect. Visit the theater to witness the beauty of stone carvings, balconies; along with them hosting first-class ballet, opera, theater, and other significant cultural performances! Be it an indoor or an outdoor theatre, Spain has the best architecture in theatres that act like ‘icing on the cake’ for the performing arts. A theatre is a lifeline to ‘performing arts’!

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