“The sound of intense passion is combined with that of delicate serenity, to bring out in perfect synchronization, the wonderful harmony of Japanese songs that emanates from the union of their melodies”


He finished his postgraduate studies at Toho Gakuen University of Music. He has received an important training with the violin from the hand of great teachers such as Hiroaki Ooseki, Tomoko Nakayama, Yukiko Ogawa, Takumi Komoriya, TsugioTokunaga, and training in chamber music from the hand of the great teachers Koichiro Harada and Kazuoki Fujii. He has won numerous awards in important competitions such as the First Prize in the 6th edition of the Osaka International Music Competition, among others, which have opened doors for him to participate in large international music festivals. In addition to her numerous performances as a soloist interpreter with different international orchestras, she also maintains an active career as a talent since she was chosen Miss Kimono at the Miss Japan Grand Prix held in 2009. participating in many cultural exchange activities, as well as in the press, television and radio. He does not limit his artistic expression only to the classical but also collaborates with many musical artists of different styles to expand his musical richness.


He started playing the piano at the age of 4. After finishing his studies in music modality at the Meiwa Higher Baccalaureate in Aichi prefecture, he entered the Toho Gakuen University of Music finishing his postgraduate studies. He received his training from great teachers such as Hiroko Yuge, RurikoKanematsu, Midori Tanabe, Tsunemi Naraba, Willem Brons and Shigeo Neriki. Since his time as a student, he has won numerous awards and recognitions participating in renowned competitions both national and international, such as the National Music Competition of Japan or the International Music Competition Vianna da Motta in Portugal, which they have launched. his career as a professional pianist. He regularly performs as a soloist in numerous concerts with major orchestras in Japan and abroad,