ESJA 400

In relation to the commemorative acts of the 400 years of Spanish-Japanese exchange, a wide variety of activities will be carried out in order to promote mutual understanding between Japan and Spain and open new horizons in bilateral relations for the future.

A Wide Variety Of Activities

It is expected to carry out, in addition to cultural events, different activities in various fields such as politics, economics, science and technology, tourism, or education. It is also essential to have a large participation of central, regional, and municipal public bodies, private companies, various entities, and citizens of all sectors.


If you click down the law, you will be able to witness everything that we have on as an exhibition.

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Marital Arts

Learning martial arts is definitely going to be a lot of fun. Click here to explore.

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Participation Of The Public & Private Sectors, To Coordinate, Direct and Certify The Commemorative Activities

Even the public will be able to participate in the activities.

Latest News & Events

Japanese Theater Festivals

Best Spanish-Japanese Theater Festivals

Japan and Spain are renowned for their works in art, culture, traditions, costumes, performances, dance, drama, and a lot more. To sum up all these, they organize theater festivals very ...
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The ‘Stunning Six’ Of Japanese Theater

Celebration Of 400 Years Of Spanish-Japanese Performing Arts: The ‘Stunning Six’ Of Japanese Theater

Japan is known for its performing arts, culture, tradition, shows, plays, dance, drama, etc. Commemorating 400 years of performing arts in Japan and Spain, together, we have lined up the ...
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Noh Theatre

Celebrating 400 Years Of Spanish-Japanese Performing Arts : Know About The Noh Theatre

Japanese performing arts are technically complex and pretty varied theatre and dance arts of Japan. Bunraku, Kabuki, Noh theatre, or dance drama are the most popular ones. Commemorating 400 years ...
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Japanese Performing Arts

Commemorating The 400 Years Of Spanish-Japanese Performing Arts :

Best Spanish theatre venues that you need to visit!Spain and Japan are known for their art forms, performances, theatres, culture, plays, dance, drama, traditions, and what not! While it has ...
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Spanish-Japanese Performing Arts Kabuki Art

400 Years Of Spanish-Japanese Performing Arts: Get To Know About The Kabuki Art

On the commemoration of 400 years of Japanese Arts in Spain, let us look at one of the exciting Japanese art forms, popularly known “Kabuki Art.” Introducing ‘Kabuki’ Kabuki is ...
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