General guidelines on the conditions that the 400 Years of Hispanic-Japanese Exchange projects must meet
The planned activities must be carried out in Spain mainly during the period from June 2013 to July 2014. However, those relevant activities that are held shortly before or shortly after this period may also be certified as an official event for the celebration of this anniversary.

The projects must conform to one of the following purposes and objectives of the celebration events:

  • Activities that promote mutual understanding between Japanese and Spanish citizens (for example, cultural activities).
  • Activities that contribute to the expansion of the bases that sustain Spanish-Japanese relations (for example, exchange activities between citizens).
  • Activities that broaden and deepen the areas of Spanish-Japanese cooperation (for example, activities of diverse associations, collaboration between diverse institutions, intellectual or economic exchanges).
  • The projects must not have as objective the dissemination of specific ideologies, religious claims or ideas, nor may they violate public order or morals (this also implies that the organizing person or entity may not be contrary to public order or morals )


From the Secretariat of the Operational Team of the Spain-Japan Dual Year (400 Years of Hispanic-Japanese Exchange), a form will be sent to the person, or to the organizing entity of the project that has the certification, a form for the report on the activities carried out that They must be sent within a month after the end of the event.