Best Spanish-Japanese Theater Festivals

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Japanese Theater Festivals

Japan and Spain are renowned for their works in art, culture, traditions, costumes, performances, dance, drama, and a lot more. To sum up all these, they organize theater festivals very often in their open-air and vast theaters. To commemorate and mark their 400 years of theater and performing arts journey, we have lined up some of the best theater festivals organized in Spain and Japan!

Spain’s Merida:

Japanese Theater Festivals

International Festival of Classical Theater is organized every year in July and August. With a seating arrangement that can satisfy 3,000 people, Merida is an Old Roman theater, 2,000 years old. Even though the festival began in 1933, the Roman stage witnesses extravagant theater performances that include music, dance, ballet, opera, and film. In addition, you can find several sideshows, such as the ‘Temple of Diana.’


Japanese Theater Festivals

Sanguto is anRoman theater that was very impressive. It has 8000 semi-circular spaces in Valencia, and in 1896, it was declared the first National monument in Spain. On a few occasions, This tried to coincide with the Theater festival held in July and August when many of the events of Rome was born in that theater which later got renovated into sections.


Japanese Theater Festivals

Every July, The Almagro festival is held in Spain and abroad to cherish. The members of the Tangram Theater from London in 2013 had come to see the play that Summer in Almagro. They have also staged in a Lope de Vega classic in London.

The Correl de Comedies is a must-watch act in Almagro if you are fascinated in theaters. Back in 1629, it was first performed, and during the 19th century, the purpose of this has been changed, and the theater was bricked over till 1953. It was later re-discovered. In recent times, In July, at the time of its Annual Festival, you can find the theater filled with rafters. It is usually compared to ‘The Globe in London,’ and later they both have shared a common ground.

Yokohama Sound festival(Kanagawa prefecture):

Japanese Theater Festivals

Yokohama Sound festival is also known as the Yokohama Arts Action Project. This is indeed the right destination to celebrate music and dance in all possible forms! Unfortunately, the celebration occurs once in three years but connects the performers and audiences with classical, rock, jazz, electronic music styles, and many more.

International City of Arts and Culture, Tokyo (Toshima)

Originated in Toshima Ward of Tokyo, the International city of arts and culture is an ambitious project that is culturally building a creative community by using the cultural resources of Toshima. This platform has given birth to incredible performances, dance workshops, art galleries, shows, events, exhibitions, and performing arts.

Niigata Prefecture- Earth Celebration:

With incredible three days of workshops, concerts, outdoor activities, events, and various intriguing stalls, the festival is organized on the remote island of Sabo, with famous artists. Also, the event is kid-friendly, and thus preschoolers can attend the event, enjoy and have fun!

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